Delia G Dimitriu

Smarter Mobility Solutions Ltd

Dr Delia G Dimitriu,a Romanian national and British citizen, is a world-renowned expert on decarbonising aviation and assessing its environmental impact. She is involved in developing strategies and shaping programmes and projects at local, regional and international level. Addressing aspects of policy, research and practice, Delia is seeking for joint innovative solutions to be scaled up and taste market responsiveness. Her involvement with the European Commission (adviser on Horizon 2020), contributed to shaping research and innovations calls and initiatives on low carbon aviation and integrated transport. She was also a Lead Author of the IPCC 5Ar and part of the Team awarded with 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Delia’s work is directed towards sustainability aspects,renewable energy and environment in transport/aviation, to stimulate innovations and deliver impacts. Thus, currently she is advising several stakeholders from aviation and waterborne sectors on how to explore the links between knowledge, innovation and investment. After conducting research at Manchester Metropolitan University for 23 years, Delia has set up her own company, Smarter Mobility Solutions Ltd(UK), to assess green innovations and examine their pathways to implementation as business models, technologies, tools or services.