Miao Yang

Beijing University of Technology

Miao Yang joined the Beijing University of Technology in 2014. He is currently an associate Professor. He holds a B.S. in Aircraft Design from Northwestern Polytechnical University and a Ph.D. in Mechatronic Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He currently has more than 40 refereed publications and more than 10 Chinese patents. Miao is a senior member of the Beijing Association for Artificial Intelligence, the Operations Research Society of China, Analytical Instrument Branch of the China Instrument and Control Society. Miaoyang was awarded Outstanding Headteacher of Beijing University of Technology, Outstanding Teaching Skill of Beijing University of Technology Miao teaches courses on fault diagnosis of equipment, computer science, Intelligent operation, and maintenance. He has served as a consultant to organizations in a variety of industries including aviation, electronics, and aerospace. Miao has been an expert in the development of laser-based diagnostic methods for the accurate determination of oxygen concentration needed for monitoring in aviation and space stations. He is currently researching Prognostics and health management, servo control and hardware-in-loop simulation, Bio-medical engineering and precision medicine, Multi-agent cooperative control, and Hydrogen Monitoring Technologies. His work has been continuously funded by the NSFC, BNSF, military projects, and enterprise projects for years.