Michel L Trudeau

Concordia University

Dr. Michel L. Trudeau is involved in the synthesis, physical understanding and characterization of metastable and nanostructured materials for more than40 years. He started his career studying quantum effects at low temperature in metallic glasses, exploring magnetic transport and superconductivity. At the Hydro-Quebec Research Institute (IREQ) he investigated the structural and physical properties of a variety of energy related metastable and nanostructured materials forsuch applications like:hydrogen storage, photohydrolysis,electrolysis, Li-ion battery, fuel cells,electrical contacts and nuclear reactor alloy. He was alsogreatly involved in the development of the Hydro-Quebec Materials Characterization Laboratory, being very much interested in nanostructured characterization at high atomic resolution. Now, at Concordia University he is developing research program in Sustain Hydrogen Technologies. He hasco-authorednearly 200peer-reviewed papers that have been cited more than9400 times and has contributed to four patents. He is a member of a number of international advisory committees and has co-chaired six international meetings related to nanostructured materials. In 2008, he was elected fellow of the American Physical Society for his work on nanostructured materials and in 2019he was also made a fellow of the Institute of Physics.